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Pro Kleen Solutions specializes in the sanitization and disinfection services required for quality health facility cleaning in McLean County IL. Pathogens thrive in places like dentist offices, hospitals, and health senior living centers. Diseases, bacteria, and viruses can easily spread on surfaces, leading to cross contamination of patients, visitors, nurses, and doctors. In fact, the condition of patients can get worse during their recovery process without effective cleaning.

Our well-trained cleaning experts can prevent cross-contamination risks to your patients and medical personnel with our proven methods. We know that delivering superior cleaning solutions makes the difference between patients getting well or getting sicker. Give us a call for specialized cleaning services for any of the following kinds of health facilities.

  • Medical labs
  • Hospitals
  • Doctor’s offices
  • Dentist offices
  • Surgical centers
  • Veterinary clinics
  • Outpatient clinics
  • Senior living facilities
  • Assisted living centers
  • Rehabilitation clinics

In addition to health facility cleaning, we also handle commercial cleaning, deep cleaning, disinfection, janitorial, post construction, property management, and office cleaning services. Contact us to receive a free estimate or schedule a consultation to develop a custom cleaning plan.

Improve Employee Retention

Positive morale in the workplace can make the difference between seeing your best employees walk out the door or retaining them. Pro Kleen can help your medical care facility keep employee satisfaction levels high with our health facility cleaning in McLean County IL. Our cleaning experts help to prevent diseases from spreading and putting the health of your employees and their families at risk. Also, our cleaning services can reduce the operational stress that employees feel by keeping their patients safer and healthier, too.

Cleanliness Impacts Your Business

Patients scrutinize the quality and competency of your services based on impressions they get from the appearance of your facility. Therefore, cleanliness can make a major impact on the health of your patients, visitors, medical personnel, and your bottom line. Lingering COVID-19 issues have made healthcare consumers more aware and afraid of viruses and infectious diseases. A dusty reception area or dirty floors may scare off some of your potential patients. Plus, it could lead them to posting a negative review online that can trigger a bigger exodus of patients. Let Pro Kleen develop a custom cleaning plan to meet your needs for health facility cleaning in McLean County IL.

Stop the Spread of Diseases

Stop bacteria, germs, and pathogens from spreading with our health facility cleaning in McLean County IL. Bacteria, viruses, and other contaminants can cross-contaminate surfaces such as elevator buttons, door handles, examination rooms, reception areas, desks, and equipment. Sick patients can see their condition get much worse as a result from that kind of contamination. When that happens, your staff will feel extra stress and strain from operational difficulties. However, you can take steps to stop the spread of with a custom cleaning plan from Pro Kleen Solutions.

 Health Facility Cleaning McLean County IL

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Pro Kleen Solutions cleaning experts specialize in services that maximize return on investment for health facility cleaning. Call today at 309-328-8312 to make a consultation appointment with our staff. Our company can design a custom cleaning plan for hospitals, dentist offices, veterinary  clinics, and more. Also, you can email us through our contact form or by sending a direct message to