Our Cleaning Process: 6 Steps to Success

Pro Kleen Solutions offers the best commercial cleaning services due to our cleaning process that takes 6 steps to reach success. We specialize in office cleaning, property management cleaning, healthcare cleaning, post construction cleaning, and carpet cleaning. In addition, we offer vacant residential cleaning, disinfection, and deep cleaning services.

Our Cleaning Process

Step 1: Prepare

The first step in our cleaning process is to properly prepare for each cleaning service appointment. Being fully prepared is how we manage our team to achieve success. Our cleaning pros will fully stock their cart with cleaning chemicals, toiletries, safety signage, keys, and all necessary cleaning equipment before arriving at your business. In addition, our team can only clock in for their work once they reach the jobsite by using our own proprietary software on a tablet or smartphone.

Step 2: Clean

The next step in our cleaning process is to clean the high traffic areas of your business first. Our janitors start by cleaning bathrooms and breakrooms, the busiest areas of activity at your business. We place a priority on making these areas clean and sanitary. Then, our janitors move on to other frequently used touchpoints to provide the best commercial cleaning solutions. Most importantly, our staff takes pictures throughout the cleaning process. In fact, our staff taking before and after pictures is how we manage our team through a thorough communication process to achieve success.

Step 3: Trash

Trash collection and replacement of trash bags is the next step in our cleaning process. Our company understands this is a vital step to provide your business with the best commercial cleaning solutions. So, we ensure trash gets removed and deposited in the designated refuse container. As mentioned above, our janitors will take before and after photos during this step as part of our communication process that ensures cleaning success.

Step 4: Wipe Down

Dusting and wiping down frequently used surfaces are the next step in our cleaning process. We use proper cloths to wipe down wooden surfaces, glass, tabletops, desktops, and counters. Our staff will take pictures before they dust and wipe down things and then after to show proof of their work. As a result, our communication process before, during, and after the cleaning project gets completed is how we manage our team to provide you successful solutions.

Step 5: Floor Care

Cleaning the floors is the next step in our cleaning process. We will vacuum, sweep, or mop the different types of flooring at your business. In addition, we can provide carpet cleaning services if your business needs them. Plus, we provide you with visuals of our results. Our janitors will take pictures of the floor before they start work and then after they mop to see the difference our services provide.

Step 6: Inspection

Providing a complete walkthrough and inspection to catch any things we may have missed is the final step in our cleaning process. This is where our janitors will ensure that everything receives the attention and care it deserves. Taking all the necessary steps to ensure quality is how we manage our team to deliver successful results. Combined with our communication process and visuals of our work, we believe you will see the benefits of Pro Kleen Solutions commercial cleaning services.

How We Ensure Quality

Pro Kleen Solutions takes providing you with quality assurance seriously. That is why we stress doing an excellent job at every step of our cleaning process for our employees. Holding employees accountable for their work is how we manage our team through our communication process to make sure you get the best commercial cleaning results. In summation, we take the following steps to assure quality:

  • Proprietary software that requires that employees only clock in for work once they have reached your business.
  • A requirement that our janitors take photos before, during, and after our cleaning process.
  • Photos provide you with visual evidence of the positive impact our services had on your business.
Our Cleaning Process

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