A worker vacuums during post construction cleaning in Washington IL

Why You Need Post Construction Cleaning in Washington IL

When construction and renovation projects are finishing up, contractors and builders are ready to move on to their next projects fast. Yet cleanup must happen before they can shift gears to something new. With post construction cleaning in Washington, IL, you can complete these projects on time and without the stress. Pro Kleen Solutions is your go-to source for post construction cleanup, and with us on your side, you’ll get construction materials removed with ease and spotless cleaning completed, ensuring the building is ready for business in no time.

How Post Construction Cleaning in Washington IL Works

Upon completion of a construction project, it’s important for dust and debris to be removed to keep future tenants safe and healthy. That’s why Pro Kleen follows a specific plan for our post construction cleaning in Washington, IL. We start with a walk-through of both the interior and exterior areas of the building. We then create a checklist of the areas that require our specific attention. Our goal is to provide clarity on how cleanup will be handled and to offer a guide that outlines our plan of attack. We always follow that plan with attention to detail, speed, and efficiency.

Next, cleanup begins. We’ll quickly remove any leftover debris—including construction materials and trash—then start on any stubborn spots that might need a deeper clean. We’ll remove scuffs, marks, window stickers, and anything else that needs extra attention. We then move on to finalizing cleanup. From sweeping, mopping, washing windows, and vacuuming, we make sure the building is fully prepared for move-in. Finally, one last inspection will ensure the space is safe, clean, and fully meets your needs. Our promise is to leave the site spotless to guarantee a successful move-in date.

A woman cleans carpets while doing post construction cleaning in Washington IL

The Pro Kleen Difference

Pro Kleen is proud to be a family-owned cleaning company that provides top services for post construction cleaning. We have built our business with professionalism, integrity, and a commitment to excellence, and we are known for exhibiting the highest standards for cleanliness. We also provide commercial cleaning for healthcare and commercial facilities as well as property management companies.

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When your construction or renovation project is complete, you need the right cleanup team on your side. For post construction cleaning in Washington, IL request a quote from Pro Kleen by giving us a call at (309) 641-1100. We look forward to connecting with you!