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Thorough Property Management Cleaning for Peoria IL

While you’re not in charge of the cleanliness of your tenants’ apartments, you need to maintain every other spot of your apartment complex or rental homes. Allow Pro Kleen to manage the day-to-day property management cleaning. From handling the upkeep of building interiors to cleaning your facility’s public spaces, our team does it all. Ensure your tenants are happy and your facilities are germ-free when you hire our team of professional custodians.

About Us

The Pro Kleen team has been serving the Peoria community for the last several years. Throughout that time, we’ve strived to offer our clients superior janitorial services. Our goal is to clean each office, healthcare facility and construction setting as we would our own homes. That means examining every nook and cranny until we are confident that we’ve cleaned all surfaces. As part of this process, we provide all chemicals and equipment needed for the job. We want working with us to feel easy, and for that reason, we also adjust our schedule to match yours, setting up our services at a time that is most convenient for you.

We Help Prepare Property for Rent and Purchase

As previously mentioned, our property management cleaning services are primarily for communal spaces, including but not limited to lobbies, public restrooms, and gyms. However, in addition to our property management cleaning services, we also offer vacant residential cleaning. Thus, when a tenant moves out, and you need to get the space ready for a new one, you can count on us to provide a thorough clean. Some of the tasks this service encompasses are wiping down refrigerators, kitchen appliances, window sills, wood panels and more! We won’t stop until every inch of the unit is up to par with your expectations!

Woman Preforming Property Management Cleaning on an Elevator

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The way your property looks is vital to the overall image of your company. Not only does it help you maintain a professional appearance in the eyes of others, but it also tells tenants that you care. Show them your commitment to quality today by partnering with our experienced professionals. Call us at 309-641-1100 or send an email to info@prokleenpeoria.com to set up an appointment today. Or, to request a quote for one of our services, head on over to our online form.