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Precise Healthcare Facility Cleaning for Peoria IL

If working in a hospital or urgent care facility, cleanliness is of the utmost importance for the health and safety of your patients. Thus, you need the precise and thorough healthcare facility cleaning of Pro Kleen. We utilize chemicals, tools and equipment meant to cover every square inch of your facility. Furthermore, we have incredible experience with the best cleaning methods for hospitals, nursing homes and the like. When you need help maintaining the cleanliness of your healthcare facility, you can count on the cleaning prowess of our talented team.

Cleaning Services That Go Above and Beyond

At Pro Kleen, we pride ourselves on being a company that meets and exceeds expectations. When you work with us, you can have confidence in the quality of our work along with our attention to detail. You’ll never have to send us back to re-clean or re-sanitize a spot. We do our best the first time around, always making sure to communicate any questions or concerns we have in advance.

What We’ll Do

Furthermore, our team is experienced, prompt and professional. We use trusted products to sanitize and disinfect all surfaces, including furniture, equipment and other fixtures. As a part of our healthcare facility cleaning, we also:

  • Wash Windows
  • Sweep, Mop, and Wax Floors
  • Vacuum Carpets and Rugs
  • Dust Equipment, Shelves, Windowsills, Blinds, and Other Hard Surfaces
  • Empty Waste Receptacles and Recycling
  • Clean Toilets, Sinks and Mirrors
  • Replenish Soap and Paper Products
  • And More!
Cart for Healthcare Facility Cleaning in a Hospital Hallway

Make the Call

Whether we are cleaning carpet or spraying down tables, doors and other high-touch surfaces, we always strive for a high level of excellence. Our job is to ensure your facility stays a safe and comfortable place for your patients, and you can count on us to do just that! To request a quote for our healthcare facility cleaning services or to schedule an appointment with us today, call 309-641-1100. Or, if preferred, shoot us an email at info@prokleenpeoria.com. We are located at 1320 W. Northmoor Rd., Ste B Peoria IL 61614, and proudly serve commercial clients in the surrounding cities.