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Affordable Professional Janitorial Services in Normal IL

The Pro Kleen Solutions team provides affordable and customized professional janitorial services in Normal IL. Not all cleaning companies bring the experience, capability, and flexibility to provide solutions for businesses in a variety of industries. However, our team can handle daily, weekly, or regularly scheduled cleaning services for any commercial client. In fact, we provide services for office cleaning, property management companies, post construction sites, and healthcare facilities. Plus, we also offer specialty services like deep cleaning and disinfection, too.

Our locally owned and operated cleaning company provides commitment, professionalism, and integrity to all our clients. For that reason, businesses appreciate using our services to receive the cleaning solutions they need. We work with all our clients to develop a custom cleaning plan that takes their schedule, budget, and needs into account. As a result, we have developed a reputation for exceeding customer expectations that earns us rave customer reviews.

Send us an email at or give us a call at 309-328-8312 to discuss your cleaning needs. You can also request a custom cleaning plan and free quote through our online contact form.

Give Your Employees a Boost

Poor air quality can severely affect the productivity of your employees. Dirt, dust, or other airborne particles spread by your HVAC ducts can affect the work of your employees. In fact, studies indicate that exposure to dirty, contaminated air will slow and decrease human cognitive function over time. However, you can rid your business of those contaminants with our janitorial services in Normal IL.

Minimize the Spread of Germs

Only a few dirty touchpoints at your business can become centers for outbreaks among customers and employees. If that happens, you will find it difficult to maintain the productivity levels of your business and replace lost output by sick employees. In addition, your company can expect to take on a lot of added expense to pay overtime wages to cover for employee absenteeism. However, you can prevent those problems with help from Pro Kleen Solutions. Let us keep your employees healthy and productive with our janitorial services in Normal IL.

Janitorial Services Normal IL

Protect Valuable Business Assets

The buildup of dust and grime will over time lead to the deterioration of valuable equipment around your business. From electronics to furniture to work desks to display cases, the cost of replacing these items adds up quickly. You can avoid the expense of replacing these items by extending their useful life with our janitorial services in Normal IL. By keeping them clean, you can avoid the kind of deterioration that robs the useful life of this equipment.

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Pro Kleen Solutions provides affordable and custom plans when it comes to regularly scheduled janitorial services in Normal IL. Develop a cleaning plan for your business by giving us a call now at 309-328-8312. To request a free quote today, contact us online or send an email to We will cater our cleaning services to fit your needs, budget, and schedule.