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As an industry that must continually contend with germs, illness and infection, the cleanliness standards for healthcare are incredibly high. As such, it will take more than a few custodians to provide adequate health facility cleaning in Pekin IL. You need trusted and experienced professionals trained for the unique needs of healthcare cleaning; you need Pro Kleen Solutions.

Special Considerations for Healthcare Cleaning

While Pro Kleen will provide much of the same cleaning for a medical facility as we do an office building, we understand the specialized cleaning needs of the healthcare industry. Thus, there are special considerations to address when cleaning doctors’ offices or urgent care centers. Such considerations include:

  • Removal of Toxic Waste – Besides the standard paper and food waste you might find at any office, medical waste is more toxic and dangerous than other types of waste. However, with the proper safety measures and cleaning equipment, medical waste removal is manageable for the professionals at Pro Kleen. We take care to ensure the health and safety of your facility.
  • Preventing Cross-Contamination – Some areas of a healthcare facility don’t mix well with others. For example, you wouldn’t want germs from a hospital kitchen making their way into a surgical room. Thankfully, Pro Kleen abides by strict procedures to prevent events of cross-contamination across a medical office.
  • Complete Disinfection and Sanitization – Along the same lines of preventing cross-contamination, eliminating germs in a hospital or other health facility is of the utmost importance. The health and safety of your patients are always top of mind when cleaning your facility. So, Pro Kleen utilizes effective cleaning chemicals and procedures to ensure your facility’s complete disinfection and sanitization.
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Meeting Your Every Cleaning Need

Besides health facility cleaning for Pekin IL, Pro Kleen also tackles various other cleaning jobs throughout the Greater Peoria area. With a quick call to our office, you can hire our expert janitorial staff for:

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