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Pro Kleen Solutions cleaning professionals safeguard surfaces at your business with commercial disinfection services in Normal IL. After recent events, we have all learned the importance of keeping spaces disinfected regularly to prevent the spread of diseases. We tailor our disinfection services to meet the needs of a variety of commercial clients. Our commercial cleaning capabilities allow us to handle all the following:

Our professional cleaning experts go beyond basic cleaning to offer your business a greater value for your investment. We customize services to fit around your schedule, needs, and budget. That way, you still get efficient and quality cleaning solutions without the intrusion to your business operations.

Contact us today to request a free quote or schedule disinfection services in Normal IL. Our cleaning crews are famous for providing integrity, professionalism, and quality cleaning services. Consequently, we have received some of the best customer satisfaction review scores among local cleaning companies.

What Is the Difference Between Cleaning and Disinfection Services?

It might not be easy for those without training in professional cleaning methods to distinguish the difference between cleaning and disinfection. Typically, cleaning involves the removal of some germs by a detergent and water solution. This process will also remove some hazardous pathogens. Meanwhile, disinfection kills virtually all pathogens, bacteria, germs, and viruses. The disinfection process eliminates pathogens to a degree that they no longer present a significant danger to people. Therefore, you receive removal of potential biohazards and a deeper overall clean with our disinfection services in Normal IL.

Situations that Call for Disinfection Services in Normal IL

Typically, killing germs as part of a larger biohazard removal process requires our disinfection services in Normal IL. Therefore, consider this service under the following types of circumstances:

  • A sewage backup has occurred
  • Pest infestations have contaminated areas with rodent droppings
  • Health facilities with regular cross-contamination and medical waste risks

In addition, there are some businesses that involve surfaces that come into constant contact with hundreds or even thousands of people each day. Each of these businesses can experience an emergency where someone suffers an injury with bleeding or other bodily fluids. Therefore, you need cleaning solutions that can eliminate any risk of transmission of serious diseases from surfaces contaminated by those biohazards. In those instances, we can help the following kinds of businesses:

  • Healthcare facilities
  • Daycare or preschool centers
  • Other schools and learning institutions
  • Community recreational facilities
  • Hotels and other lodging areas
  • Transportation providers such as bus transit centers, airports, or taxi service providers
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Pro Kleen Solutions can respond quickly when you need to eliminate biohazards with our commercial disinfection services in Normal IL. Email us at, call 309-328-8312, or use our online form to schedule services or request a free job estimate. Get in touch. We want to help you and your visitors, customers, and employees stay safe and healthy.