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Keep your investment property well maintained with Pro Kleen Solutions property management cleaning in McLean County IL. Regular cleaning services from our janitors can bring many great benefits to your property. We deliver proven results that earn 5-star customer reviews.

For example, we can improve your relationship with tenants, reducing complaints and vacancies in your property. In fact, a cleaner appearance may allow you to raise rent prices and increase your revenue and monthly cashflow. Plus, we can save you the time and hassle of constantly shopping for cleaning services from different vendors.

We are known for providing reliable and punctual cleaning services for commercial clients from many different industries. Consequently, we have become the most trusted local source for property management cleaning in McLean County IL. Furthermore, we also offer other services like commercial cleaning, healthcare cleaning, deep cleaning, disinfection, janitorial, office, and post construction cleaning services. Contact us today to request a custom cleaning plan or a free estimate.

Improve Tenant Satisfaction

Maintaining strong relationships with current tenants is one of the fastest ways to keep your properties full and profitable. Our services provide reliable upkeep and help keep your tenants happy. So, rely on us to handle your property management cleaning in McLean County IL. We can maintain common areas, parking areas, windows, carpeting, and more. Most importantly, we can help your investment property pay off by satisfying your tenants with a clean and comfortable place to live.

Reduce Vacancies

Your rental property will not make money with vacant units. Therefore, you need to reduce the amount of time it takes for turnover in vacant units. Pro Kleen Solutions can reduce your vacancies with our property management cleaning in McLean County IL. Our cleaning services keep your property attractive and make it more presentable for prospective tenants. Plus, our services can help keep current tenants satisfied with their living conditions, making it less likely they will move out.

Improve Profitability

Cleaner and more attractive living conditions for tenants will allow you to charge more for your rental property and attract better tenants. So, count on Pro Kleen Solutions to keep your rental space clean with our property management cleaning. Our services can make your property more appealing and welcoming with spotless common areas and fresh smelling living spaces. As a result, you can generate more revenue per unit rented out.

Property Management Cleaning McLean County IL

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Pro Kleen Solutions helps keep your rental property clean and full of tenants. So, contact us now to request a free estimate for our property management cleaning. For more information about our company, call now at 309-328-8312. In addition, you can also send email to to get answers to any questions you may have for us.