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Professional Service for Healthcare Cleaning in Normal IL

Pro Kleen Solutions professionals use an extra level of care to comply with regulations for safe and effective healthcare cleaning in Normal IL. Medical clinics, doctor’s offices, and health facilities create the ideal environments for germs to flourish. With patients and medical staff frequently coming and going from the building, bacteria, viruses, and diseases can cross-contaminate surfaces and spread. If that happens, patients can get even sicker instead of healing and rehabilitating.

For that reason, Pro Kleen offers professional cleaning services that protect the health and safety of everyone who enters and leaves your healthcare facility. Our locally owned and operated business understands that keeping your facility clean means the difference between patients getting healthy or suffering life-threatening conditions. We specialize in cleaning the following:

  • Doctor’s offices
  • Hospitals
  • Surgical centers
  • Clinics
  • Medical labs
  • Assisted living facilities
  • Senior living communities
  • Urgent care clinics
  • Dentist offices
  • Veterinary clinics

Contact us to schedule healthcare cleaning in Normal IL. In addition, we provide commercial cleaning, deep cleaning, disinfection, janitorial, office, post construction, and property management cleaning services catered to your needs.

Save Money with Our Healthcare Cleaning in Normal IL

Unlike other commercial cleaners, Pro Kleen Solutions specializes in providing healthcare cleaning in Normal IL. Other cleaners may take longer to complete the type of deep cleaning procedures it takes to keep your facility clean. Consequently, this could lead them to hike their rates or cut corners to complete the work. Our professionals receive the training it takes to clean your facility quickly and efficiently without sacrificing service quality.

Add to the Quality of Care for Patients

Patients can recover quicker and more safely in a health facility with clean, sanitary environments. Furthermore, cleaner atmospheres in medical facilities eliminate some of the smells and sights that can stress patients during their recovery. As a result, patients enjoy a much happier and healthier recovery period during their stay. Thus, they report receiving a higher quality of care at your facility. Rely on Pro Kleen Solutions to provide those clean, sanitary environments for your patients with our healthcare cleaning in Normal IL.

Maintain Higher Levels of Employee Morale

Recently, healthcare providers have faced several challenges while trying to recruit and maintain enough employees for full staffing at their facilities. One way to maintain a higher level of employee morale is by providing sterile, clean environments at the workplace. Plus, a sanitary, disinfected environment promotes more employee satisfaction and a more positive work environment. With happier employees, your employee retention rate stays high, saving your facility money over the long haul. Pro Kleen Solutions can help you maintain higher levels of employee morale with our healthcare cleaning in Normal IL.

Healthcare Cleaning Normal IL

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Pro Kleen Solutions can work around your budget, needs, and schedule when you need healthcare cleaning in Normal IL. Email us at, call 309-328-8312, or use our online form to schedule service or request a quote. Get in touch. We want to help you and your patients enjoy a safe, sanitary environment at your health facility.