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Professional Service for Health Facility Cleaning in Bloomington IL

Pro Kleen Solutions provides a disinfected and clean environment with our health facility cleaning in Bloomington IL. Our professional healthcare cleaning services keep your staff, patients, and visitors safe and healthy. With the ongoing threat that infectious diseases pose to the healthcare industry, you need regular, reliable cleaning solutions. We can customize a cleaning program that tackles the challenges your facility faces head on.

Our company offers the highest level of disinfection by using advanced and effective surface cleaning. Also, we protect from cross-contamination with specialized prevention methods. Our staff receives careful training to ensure our service keeps health facilities healthy, safe, and sanitary for everyone inside the facility. Plus, we can work out a customized cleaning schedule that fits the needs of your health facility. Contact us today to request a free quote or schedule the services that your facility needs to prevent the spread of disease.

Improve Patient Recovery Time with Cleaning Solutions

Your facility can take steps to reduce the amount of time it takes patients to recover with Pro Kleen health facility cleaning in Bloomington IL. A recent Centers for Disease Control (CDC) study reported that nearly 4% of patients suffer an infection during their hospital visit. With many surfaces and the air inside the health facility prone to contamination, it puts patients, employees, and visitors at greater risk. However, you can combat that type of contamination with reliable healthcare cleaning services. Our procedures can sanitize surfaces and keep the atmosphere free from dust, allergens, and pathogens.

Keep Your Health Facility Compliant with Cleaning Regulations

Businesses in the health industry face strict regulations regarding the cleanliness and conditions inside the facility. In fact, healthcare facilities require specialized cleaning methods to keep patients, visitors, and employees safe. However, it is difficult to meet all the requirements and maintain the safest, cleanest environment without professional help. Therefore, you should rely on Pro Kleen Solutions to help you to stay compliant with cleaning guidelines. We can provide you with cleaning specialists trained for health facility cleaning in Bloomington IL.

Cross-Contamination Prevention

A few small mistakes when cleaning surgical rooms, kitchen floors, or restroom facilities can lead to cross-contamination. If that happens, patients, visitors, and employees at your healthcare facility can get infections or spread diseases. However, you can get the disinfection and sanitization you need with Pro Kleen healthcare cleaning in Bloomington IL. As a result, you can minimize the risk of cross-contamination at your facility.

Health Facility Cleaning Bloomington IL

Other Professional Cleaning Services

Pro Kleen Solutions provides several services for businesses of all industries, including health facility cleaning in Bloomington IL. So, let us know if we can help provide you with any of the following services:

Free Estimates for Health Facility Cleaning in Bloomington IL

Pro Kleen Solutions can customize a cleaning plan if you need health facility cleaning. Send us an email at or call 309-328-8312 to request a free quote. Our services can help your patients avoid infections, minimize the risk of cross-contamination on surfaces, and keep your facility compliant with cleaning regulations.