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Pro Kleen Solutions provides affordable janitorial services, office cleaning, and more as a top commercial cleaning company in Normal IL. Our team works with small businesses from a variety of industries to provide cleaning solutions for several types of work environments. We offer personalized cleaning solutions catered to the demands of your building and business operations. For example, we provide solutions for the following kinds of local businesses:

McLean County companies prefer our services because of our professionalism, integrity, reliability, and custom cleaning plans. Fill out our online request form to receive a free estimate. Email us specific questions or custom requests at

Avoid Additional Overhead from In-House Cleaning

Pro Kleen Solutions services offer small businesses on a limited budget cost savings. You can cater our services to a specific price point. For example, you can opt for only weekly cleaning services if your office does not get a lot off foot traffic. Your company will not be able to get that sort of cost efficiency with in-house cleaning employees. Why pay additional payroll, insurance, overhead, and administrative costs every month if you struggle to find enough work for full-time cleaning employees? To see how your business can trim expenses, consult with our local commercial cleaning company in Normal IL.

Minimize Security Risks

Your company can also add more security to operations by outsourcing to our commercial cleaning company in Normal IL. Typically, management does not have enough time to closely supervise in-house cleaning employees. So, those employees may take advantage to access payroll information or equipment they are not authorized to use. If that happens, your in-house cleaner could accidentally compromise sensitive information, download a virus that crashes your system, or damage equipment.  However, Pro Kleen Solutions cleaners must undergo background checks to provide services to you. Plus, our employees do not have personal relationships with the rest of your employees that could entice them to snoop through your sensitive data. ‘

Commercial Cleaning Company Normal IL

Get Better Time Management

Small businesses need to focus as much time as possible on revenue generating activities. Your company simply cannot do that with an in-house cleaning crew. The time you spend to recruit, interview, hire, train, and supervise in-house cleaning employees will take away from essential business operations. Can your business afford distractions that take away from your marketing, sales, and customer service duties? You can improve time management at your business by outsourcing to our commercial cleaning company in Normal IL.

Contact Our Commercial Cleaning Company in Normal IL

Pro Kleen Solutions can offer you many benefits when you outsource work to our commercial cleaning company in Normal IL. We can help you trim overhead costs, reduce data security risks, and manage time more efficiently. Use our online contact form to request a free estimate. For answers to specific questions or a customized cleaning plan, call us at 309-328-8312 or email