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Pro Kleen Solutions can cater cleaning services around your schedule with our professional janitors in Normal IL. Our well-trained cleaning professionals get the training it takes and master the necessary methods for a variety of commercial cleaning environments. Companies these days need to do everything they can to assure customers and employees that they are providing safe and sanitary environments for shopping and work activities. With that in mind, we can provide janitors or cleaning services for all the following:

Our locally owned and operated company goes beyond basic cleaning to offer you more return on your investment. Pro Kleen janitorial services help to increase workplace satisfaction, reduce employee absenteeism, provide a safe and clean environment, and save you money and the liability risk of in-house cleaning crews.

Our professionals are known for their professionalism, integrity, and dedication to quality work. Consequently, our company has garnered some of the highest customer satisfaction review scores among all local commercial cleaners. Contact us today to schedule services from our janitors.

Retain Better Employees by Keeping Them Happy

Nowadays, businesses find it more challenging than ever to recruit and retain efficient and productive employees. Nothing is worse than spending months going through a hiring cycle only to lose your best employees and having to start all over. Therefore, keeping employee morale high or improving employee satisfaction with their work environment can make all the difference.

Pro Kleen Solutions can help with services from our professional janitors in Normal IL. Our team can provide your team with a clean, fresh smelling, and sanitary work environment. Your team will notice the effort you are making to keep them healthy and appreciate the care and attention.

Maintain Productivity by Reducing Absenteeism

The average U.S. office worker now takes upwards of 7 days of sick time. That is a lot of lost productivity for your business. Whether you continue operations short-handed or hire out overtime, the costs of employee absenteeism add up over time. Exceeding overtime budgets, losing employees from burnout, or struggling to meet customer deadlines damage the productivity and growth of your business.

However, Pro Kleen can help with services from our professional janitors in Normal IL. We can disinfect and sanitize high-traffic touchpoints and areas of your business. Plus, we can clean contaminants out of all those hard-to-reach or oft-overlooked areas to help you mitigate outbreaks of sickness among your employees. That way, you can keep your team healthy and productive.

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Pro Kleen Solutions understands the difficulties of succeeding as a small business in Central Illinois. We make it our mission to help other small businesses by providing clean and safe work environments with services from our janitors in Normal IL.  Email us at, call 309-328-8312, or use our online form to request a free estimate or schedule service. Get in touch. We want to help you keep your team happy, healthy, and productive.