Post Construction Cleaning Peoria IL

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Pro Kleen Solutions can make your property look like contractors were never there with our post construction cleaning in Peoria IL. To get a free estimate, call your trusted local cleaning source at 309-220-6957 now.

If your property recently underwent a renovation or new construction, you’ll easily notice all the dirt, dust, and debris everywhere. You may even marvel at all the areas you find it that are far away from the construction site. Your project isn’t over when the construction finishes. Before you conduct business, you need to clean away all those contaminants. For that job, you need our professional team. We understand the unique cleaning needs created by construction work. So, we know what it takes to make your commercial space safe and looking its best again.

Construction and renovation of your business gets quite stressful. That’s without having to worry about the clean-up process. For that reason, you should leave that to our cleaning crew so you’re free to focus on everything else.If you have a question, contact us online for answers or to request a free estimate.

Detailed Services for Post Construction Cleaning in Peoria IL

Cleaning up after a construction or remodeling project involves much more than just sweeping, dusting, and picking up debris. Construction dust can spread just about anywhere during a project. So, count on us to wipe all that way, including high up in corners, windowsills, vents, and light fixtures. Our cleaning specialists know exactly where to look to decontaminate every area. Plus,they’ll disinfect all areas to leave your new space safe and looking spotless. Therefore, you should trust only Pro Kleen Solutions when you need post construction cleaning in Peoria IL.

Maintain Your Property with Scheduled Cleanings

Post Construction Cleaning Peoria IL

Don’t let that brand new or newly renovated commercial space decline due to high traffic. Over time, carpets will get dirty. Plus, elevator cabs and lounge areas will start to show wear and tear. Consequently, your company could lose its reputable image and business from clients looking for detail-oriented partners. However, you can avoid that type of deterioration with comprehensive services from Pro Kleen Solutions. We offer the following:

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Pro Kleen Solutions can wipe away all that dust when you need post construction cleaning. Give us a call today at 309-220-6957 or reach us through our contact page. You can also email us at if you have any questions about our services or would like to request a free quote online.