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Commercial clients highly recommend Pro Kleen Solutions on reviews of their services for office cleaning in Peoria County IL. We consult with your business to get an understanding of your needs and preferences. Then, we design a custom cleaning plan driven by your input on the services that you need. In addition, our company offers you the following benefits.

  • Methods with a track record for success developed by our owners Ruth and Brandon Woods over 10 years in the cleaning industry
  • Reliable cleaning experts who pass verification services and a background check
  • A company that the Better Business Bureau certifies with A+ rated services
  • Custom cleaning plans that save you money compared to hiring and managing in-house crews
  • The flexibility to add more or less cleaning services due to daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, seasonal, or annual needs
  • Cleaning experts who bring integrity, professionalism, and a commitment to providing superior customer service
  • Free estimates!

Our cleaning experts also provide specialty cleaning services like deep cleaning and disinfection services. With our services, you can protect the health and safety of your customers, visitors, and employees.

Clean Offices Improve Productivity and Employee Retention

Maintaining positive morale in the office plays an important role in keeping your best employees and watching them head elsewhere. Pro Kleen can help your business keep the spirits of your employees high with our office cleaning in Peoria County IL. Our services can prevent diseases from spreading around your office, endangering the health and safety of your employees and their families. As a result, your happy and healthy employees will need less sick leave time and can increase productivity.

Cut Monthly Operating Costs with Professional Office Cleaning

Small businesses that operate on a tight budget are always looking to cut operating costs. Pro Kleen Solutions can help by offering cost-effective office cleaning in Peoria County IL. Our services can save you quite a bit of money compared to hiring, managing, and supplying in-house cleaning crews. When your company outsources for cleaning services, it can avoid the following costs.

  • Added monthly expenses for administrative, payroll, insurance, and overhead costs that come with in-house cleaners
  • The cost of purchasing and storing cleaning equipment and supplies
  • Liability risks that can occur if employees or customers slip and fall on wet floors or sustain another injury due to in-house cleaning
  • The hours your company spends on recruiting, interviewing, training, and managing your company‚Äôs cleaning employees
Office Cleaning Peoria County IL

Other Commercial Cleaning Services Available

Pro Kleen Solutions trains our cleaning experts to provide cleaning solutions for a variety of workspaces among different industries. In addition to office cleaning in Peoria County IL, we offer the following kinds of specialty commercial cleaning services.

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