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Take Care of Your Home or Business’s Carpets with Pro Kleen’s Carpet Cleaning

While wood, tile, and other hard floor surfaces are easy to clean and maintain, carpets are a different story. Even the most diligent property owners will have trouble keeping dust, dirt, allergens, and stains out of their carpets! And for highly trafficked areas of your home or business, carpet cleaning is a certainty. Thankfully, with the right skill and equipment, carpet cleaning for Peoria, Bloomington or the surrounding communities is quick and straightforward. Allow Pro Kleen Solution’s professional cleaners to provide detailed and effective carpet cleaning services.

The Carpet Cleaning We Offer

At Pro Kleen, we specialize in two types of carpet cleaning: steam and VLM (very low moisture). Each type of cleaning has its benefits and offers our clients options for caring for their property’s carpets. No matter your chosen service, Pro Kleen promises quick turnarounds times.

  • Steam Cleaning – Steam cleaning, also known as hot water extraction, is one of the most common methods for carpet cleaning. The process utilizes a water vapor heated to a high temperature and infused with a cleaning solvent. The vapor is pressed into the carpet at high pressure, helping dislodge dirt, oils, stains, and debris below a carpet’s surface. Once steaming is complete, the remaining water and loose debris are sucked up using heavy-duty vacuums, leaving your carpets without foul odors and stains.
  • VLM Cleaning – VLM carpet cleaning is a relatively new alternative to standard carpet cleaning methods. In an attempt to minimize water usage and offer quick-drying carpet cleaning, VLM cleaning was developed. The process starts with applying a cleaning solution and water to a carpet’s surface. When spread by specialized VLM machinery, this unique cleaning solution encapsulates dirt and grime deeply rooted in your carpet. Once debris has been loosened and brought to the surface, our cleaners remove what remains via brushing and vacuuming. The result is freshly cleaned carpets that are completely dry within 30-90 minutes.

The Benefits of Professional Carpet Cleaning

Vacuuming alone isn’t enough to support the care and longevity of your carpets. You can keep your carpets in excellent condition with consistent carpet cleaning services from professional carpet cleaners. Some of the benefits of thorough carpet cleaning include:

  • Lengthen Carpet Lifespan – The accumulation of dust, dirt and debris in your carpet can cause fibers to split and deteriorate, progressing the need for complete replacement. Thus, with consistent carpet cleaning, the debris that damages your carpet can be removed before causing harm, preserving the lifespan of your floor.
  • Keep Your Household Healthy – As dust and allergens get caught in your carpet, they can impact your home or business’s air quality. The accumulation of such debris can release into the air while walking over carpet, triggering allergic reactions or respiratory issues for those in the vicinity. Carpet cleaning helps eliminate problematic allergens.
  • Remove Stains – Stains on your carpet can leave a wrong first impression on your guests. For commercial facilities, in particular, carpet stains can put off clients and risk a loss of business! Thankfully, carpet cleaning can remove most stains, from coffee spills to mud and everything in between.
  • Fast and Efficient Service – While renting a carpet cleaning machine is always an option, you risk a less effective cleaning. Pro Kleen’s professional cleaners understand what it takes to provide as thorough a clean as possible. Using the latest carpet cleaning equipment, we can quickly clean most carpet surfaces with minimal interruption to your daily routine.
Carpet Cleaning

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Whether looking for traditional carpet cleaning or a greener, fast-drying solution, count on the professional carpet cleaners at Pro Kleen Solutions. To learn more or schedule service, contact us today at 309-925-0018. We offer our carpet cleaning services to residential and commercial clients throughout Peoria, Bloomington and the surrounding communities.