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Pro Kleen Solutions janitors offer some of the best-rated services for commercial cleaning in Tazewell County IL. Our company uses a 6 Steps to Success cleaning process that ensures quality cleaning, effective communication, and proof of our results. As a small business, we realize the importance of providing a clean and professional workspace for your team and your customers. So, we use the best methods, equipment, and cleaning chemicals to keep your business healthy and productive. Our janitors are trained to provide the following commercial cleaning services:

Central Illinois businesses recommend our services with 5-star customer reviews. Tell us the unique cleaning challenges your business encounters. We can provide a custom cleaning plan catered to minimize intrusion to your business activities. Call 309-641-1100, email, or use our contact form today to request service.

Our Service Area in Tazewell County IL

Pro Kleen Solutions is a local business that provides comprehensive commercial cleaning in Tazewell County IL. We work with businesses throughout the area including the following communities:

The Benefits of Our Commercial Cleaning Services

We take several steps to provide the finest quality commercial cleaning in Tazewell County IL. For starters, we use proprietary software to hold our employees accountable for being on time for service appointments. In fact, our team cannot clock in for work until they reach your facility. Then, we require our janitors to take photos before, during, and after our cleaning service call. That way, you can see the state of your business before and after we perform your cleaning service. Finally, we do a sweep of the property to make sure we do not miss anything, providing photos of the results. As a result, we provide you with visual evidence of the quality of our work and clear communication. Consequently, you get results you can easily see and appreciate.

What to Expect with Our Cleaning Process

Pro Kleen Solutions janitors use our 6 Steps to Success cleaning process to consistently produce the best results for commercial cleaning in Tazewell County IL. Our team will always provide you with the following services:

  • Preparation – We make sure our janitors stock their cleaning carts with the best equipment and chemicals before they come to your facility. As a result, we arrive ready to deliver the best cleaning results from start to finish.
  • High-Traffic Area Cleaning – We attack the most heavily used areas of your business first to ensure sanitary and attractive conditions at your business. Therefore, we start by cleaning bathrooms, breakrooms, and high-traffic touchpoints customers use every day.
  • Clearing Trash – Our team will then empty all your small trash bins around your business and deposit what we collect in your designated refuse container. That way, your business looks and smells clean, keeping employees productive and customers happy.
  • Wipe Down – Next, we wipe down glass displays, counter spaces, shelving, tabletops, desktops, and wooden surfaces to get rid of dust and contaminants. Consequently, we can eliminate bacteria and germs that spread diseases amongst your team and guests.
  • Floor Care – No matter the flooring surface you have, we can help you maintain it and keep it looking spotless. We can vacuum, mop, sweep, or provide deep cleaning of your flooring to get rid of stains, blemishes, and foul odors.
  • Thorough Inspections – Before our janitors leave, they will go back through your entire business to make sure no spots were missed. They will take photos of their work, letting you see the results.
Commercial Cleaning Tazewell County IL

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Pro Kleen Solutions is your trusted local source for the best results when it comes to commercial cleaning in Tazewell County IL. We service businesses throughout the area to keep your team productive and your customers coming back. Give us a call now at 309-641-1100 or fill out our online form to schedule service.