Janitorial Services Washington IL

Top Reasons to Use Professional Janitorial Services in Washington IL

Keep your business clean and your workforce healthy with our professional janitorial services in Washington IL. Pro Kleen Solutions is your trusted local source for business cleaning. Call us today at 309-220-6123 for a free estimate.

Let our experts remove the dust, grime, allergens, and pathogens in carpet, blinds, and upholstery at your business. Our experts have worked with hundreds of individuals, including those in commercial, construction, healthcare, and office-type environments. We make it our mission to create a healthy atmosphere for each of our clients. Therefore, get a deeper cleaner for your workspace with our professional janitorial services in Washington IL.

Our local, family-owned business uses over a decade in the cleaning industry to rid your business of harmful bacteria. Contact us now to get a free quote on the professional cleaning services you need.

Customers Appreciate Clean Businesses

Pro Kleen Solutions can help you make a better impression with clients with our janitorial services in Washington IL. A recent survey revealed that 85 percent of customers said they would not return to a business with a dirty bathroom. Fingerprint smudges on glass, stains on carpet or upholstery, and overflowing trash bins tell an unflattering story about your business. Customers take away the impression that a shoddy looking business performs inferior work. However, a clean and fresh smelling environment will reassure customers that your business provides high-quality goods or services.

Your Workforce Increases Productivity

If your business lacks a clean and inviting appearance, your employees are more likely to feel stress, fatigue, and a lack of motivation. In fact, research reveals that compromised indoor air quality leads to a significant decrease in workplace output. It is believed that dirty, unhealthy indoor air diminishes human cognitive function. Thus, you should let Pro Kleen Solutions boost your productivity with our janitorial services in Washington IL.

Employees Use Less Sick Time

Your business can take significant steps to stop the spread of illness with our janitorial services in Washington IL. Our experts can sanitize surfaces that get touched by employees and customers regularly. Therefore, you can protect your staff and clients, whether they choose to regularly wash their hands or not. Our services will prevent germs from spreading around your office. Thus, your business can cut down on employee absences.

Eliminate Spending on Cleaning Equipment

Many small businesses try to save money by keeping their cleaning in-house. However, the amount of equipment and supplies you will need to keep your office clean will add up to a big bill quickly. You can avoid that costly investment by using our janitorial services in Washington IL. When you hire Pro Kleen Solutions, we bring all the equipment and cleaning supplies needed to provide your business with a deep cleaning.

Extend the Life of Your Office Space

Office furniture, desks, product display cases, and office storage will last longer if you keep it clean and in good working condition. Expenses around your office space can pile up if you constantly need to replace chairs, carpeting, blinds, or other equipment. Thus, you can save a lot of money by using our janitorial services in Washington IL. Pro Kleen Solutions can prolong the life of your office equipment to maximize your return on investment.

Janitorial Services Washington IL

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Rely on Pro Kleen Solutions to do all the vacuuming, waste removal, bathroom, kitchen cleaning, and more around your office. We use more than 10 years of industry experience to give your business a clean and welcoming environment. Call us today at 309-220-6123 for a free estimate. Also, you can request a free quote through our online contact form.  In addition to janitorial services, we provide disinfection services, vacant residential cleaning, property management cleaning, post construction cleaning, healthcare facility cleaning, office cleaning, and commercial cleaning.