Team mops a floor during post construction cleaning in Morton IL

Finding Post Construction Cleaning in Morton IL

As contractors and builders finish up a new construction or renovation project, one of the most important next steps is usually the one that’s the hardest: the cleanup. Often, construction materials like small scraps, plastic coverings, and stickers on windows are left behind, as are sawdust, plaster, and other particles that need to be removed. To prep for the next phase of move-in, it’s important to find the right cleaning company. For post construction cleaning in Morton, IL, Pro Kleen Solutions is the go-to company for getting the building prepped and ready to start business.

Why You Need Post Construction Cleaning in Morton IL

Dust and debris need to be removed when construction is complete for the health and safety of future tenants. At Pro Kleen, we are dedicated to finishing the cleanup quickly and efficiently to finalize your project. We follow a specific plan for our post construction cleaning. We start with walk-throughs of the interior and exterior areas of the building. We create a checklist of areas that will require our expert attention—including the removal of stubborn paint spots, dust and debris, and stickers on windows.

We then begin the cleaning process by removing any remains of construction your team may have missed, including trash and leftover materials. Next, we clean the facility to remove dust, scuffs, and construction marks. We finalize the post construction cleanup by sweeping, mopping, and vacuuming to prepare the building for move-in. Once the cleaning is done, our final inspection ensures the space is safe, entirely clean, and fully inspected to ensure your needs are met. Our goal is to leave the site as spotless as possible for a successful opening of the new business or facility.

Man vacuums and woman cleans glass during post construction cleaning in Morton IL

The Pro Kleen Difference

Pro Kleen is a family-owned cleaning company known for our professionalism, integrity, and commitment and for exhibiting the highest standards for cleanliness. As proven experts in our field, we provide top service for post construction cleaning in Morton, IL. We also provide commercial cleaning for healthcare and commercial facilities as well as property management companies.

Request a Quote

If you have a construction project that’s almost complete, let’s talk. To request a quote for post construction cleaning in Morton, IL or to learn what Pro Kleen can do to finish your projects with ease, give us a call at (309) 641-1100.