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Top Office and Commercial Cleaning Services in Pekin IL

Pro Kleen Solutions can keep your office clean and looking its best with our affordable commercial cleaning services in Pekin IL. Schedule the services you need or request a free quote by calling 309-220-6957.

Our experienced cleaners undergo the training it takes to bring many different work environments the cleaning solutions they need. As a result, we can help with cleaning solutions for offices, healthcare facilities, post-construction sites, and apartment complexes. Also, we can customize our services to work around your budget and schedule. Consequently, you can get cleaning services daily, multiple times per week, weekly, or on a customized plan. Plus, we can add specialty services such as janitorial, deep cleaning, and disinfection.

Tazewell County companies trust our business due to our integrity, professionalism, execution, and quality that goes unsurpassed by competitors. Thus, you should choose us for the dependable and thorough cleaning services your commercial space requires. We will utilize the best disinfectants to keep your workers and visitors safe at your office, healthcare clinic, or other commercial space. Contact us now to get a free quote.

Traditional Janitorial Services Keep Your Space Clean

We can reduce your expenses on an in-house cleaning crew with our commercial cleaning services in Pekin IL. Whether you want regularly scheduled or one-time janitorial services, we can provide them. You will get trained sanitation professionals who arrive ready to work to handle your cleaning needs. From disinfecting to dusting, carpet cleaning to restroom maintenance, our reliable cleaning crews provide services tailored to the needs of your business. Most importantly, you can avoid the large costs of cleaning staff and supplies that will not provide the best results.

Sanitized Surfaces Keep Staff Healthy and Productive

Our professionals will ensure your most-touched surfaces stay clean and sanitized with our commercial cleaning services in Pekin IL. From door handles to power switches, we provide consistent cleaning solutions in the areas where germs are most likely to spread. That way, you can keep your staff healthier and more productive. After all, your workers can increase their productivity with workspaces that are neat, clean, and free of germs and other contaminants.

Impress Customers with Clean Common Areas

Your customers form their opinions of your business based in part of the cleanliness of common areas, restrooms, elevators, and stairways. So, make a good first impression with our commercial cleaning services in Pekin IL. Our cleaning technicians will remove spots from floor coverings, wipe away fingerprints from windows, and empty your waste bins. Plus, we will take care to remove allergens. Therefore, we will dust and sanitize surfaces, fans, blinds, and anywhere dust or allergens build up.

Commercial Cleaning Services Pekin IL

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Pro Kleen Solutions can develop an individualized plan that suits your needs and budget for commercial cleaning services. Schedule service or request a free estimate by giving us a call now at 309-220-6957. For your convenience, you can also request a quote online via our convenient contact form. We are your trusted local cleaners who provide top janitorial services, office cleaning, health facility cleaning, and post-construction site cleanings. Contact us for the thorough and dependable cleaning you need to stay healthy and productive at your business!