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Pro Kleen Solutions offers affordable and dependable upkeep of your business when you are looking for top commercial cleaners in Normal IL. Our company provides consistent, customized commercial cleaning services for all kinds of office spaces. That includes healthcare offices, financial centers, lawyer offices, industrial, educational, vacant rentals, and property management offices. In addition, we provide specialized services such as deep cleaning, disinfection, and cleaning of post construction sites.

We design our cleaning services to keep you focused on your business operations, not the state of your carpet and windows. As one of the top janitor companies, we can provide comprehensive cleaning solutions on a daily, weekly, or personalized schedule. We go beyond basic cleaning to provide you with a healthy and safe environment. However, we always make sure to minimize intrusions to your business operations.

Contact us to let us know about your specific preferences and requests. We strive to make sure you are always pleased with our services. The integrity, professionalism, and quality results we deliver cannot be duplicated. Consequently, we receive consistently high scores on customer reviews.


The best office cleaning services account for more than appearances. The end goal for our company is to provide yours with happy and healthy customers, tenants, patients, and employees. Whether you run a corporate office, small governmental department, or multi-tenant apartment complex, we can provide a clean and healthy workspace for you. We work to eliminate danger zones for germs. Plus, we perform preventative maintenance to extend the life of your equipment and furniture. Your company can improve production, reduce employee absenteeism, and cut costs with help from our commercial cleaners in Normal IL.


For health facilities, the threat of Healthcare Acquired Infections (HAIs) makes thorough cleaning services vital to prevent cross-contamination. Millions of Americans each year get sick from HAIs, costing our healthcare system more than $33 billion annually. However, your facility can prevent those cases with help from our commercial cleaners in Normal IL.

We use infection prevention techniques and proper cleaning procedures to eliminate the risk of HAIs. Our janitors makes surface hygiene a focal point by disinfecting high-touch areas. Thus, our cleaning services can make sure your patients recover and rehabilitate faster rather than getting sicker.

Commercial Cleaners Normal IL

Property Management

Our cleaning professionals also know what it takes to clean and maintain vacant rental units and property management offices. We protect the brand image of your company while providing clean conditions that attract new tenants. Our company also understands that your office may dispose of confidential records that require extra care during trash removal. Our services also include tackling disinfection of high traffic areas and comprehensive floor care services. Whether you need services  for single offices or large, multi-unit rental properties, count on the expertise and experience of our commercial cleaners in Normal IL.

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Tell us about your specific needs and requirements today to get the cleaning services you need. Contact us now to geta free estimate from our commercial cleaners in Normal IL. For more information, please call 309-328-8312 or email us at to learn more about us and our services.