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Professional Service for Post Construction Cleaning in Normal IL

Pro Kleen Solutions cleaning specialists receive the training on procedures it takes to provide post construction cleaning in Normal IL. This sort of job presents more challenges than the average commercial cleaning or office cleaning environment. After all, cleaning up after a construction project involves several potential safety hazards. Therefore, you should leave the work to professionals who know how to avoid injuries from the following:

  • Glass shards
  • Stray screws and nails
  • Construction dust
  • Volatile organic chemicals
  • Loose debris and fixtures
  • Power tools and equipment
  • Improper ventilation of cleaning agents during the cleanup process

Whether you are a builder completing a new house or a contractor finishing an office renovation, you need to safeguard the site before calling your project complete. Every site has its share of trash, dust, and debris that pose health and safety hazards. Our locally owned and operated cleaning company understands the importance of removing those risks for your clients and the reputation of your construction business.

Contact us now to schedule post construction cleaning in Normal IL. In addition, we provide deep cleaning, disinfection, janitorial, and office cleaning services.

Removal of Toxic Construction Dust

Drywall dust and silica dust from concrete can linger behind after a construction project and pose a serious health risk. In addition, post construction sites also contain many different volatile organic chemicals released from sealants and paint. Inhaling too much of these and other air pollutants can cause serious medical conditions. In fact, people can develop certain forms of lung cancer or silicosis and those with asthma can struggle to breathe. Therefore, it is important to remove these kinds of air pollutants with Pro Kleen post construction cleaning in Normal IL.

Safeguarding Areas from Health Hazards

Your construction company can face several liability issues without proper post construction cleaning in Normal IL. For instance, stray nail heads and screws in the wrong places can cause someone to receive cuts or serious trip and fall injuries. Meanwhile, glass shards left behind are difficult to see and pose a major safety risk to those with unprotected hands and feet. Also, fixtures that are not secured tightly or debris on walls or ceilings can fall and seriously harm someone. Plus, some crews can forget to remove ladders, lifts, carts, and power tools which can cause accidents.

Poor Ventilation for Cleaning Solvents

Pro Kleen Solutions cleaning specialists understand the importance of proper ventilation for cleaning chemicals. Unfortunately, many employees of construction companies looking to save a buck by doing their own cleaning can learn that lesson the hard way. Some cleaning chemicals with toxic fumes are required during post construction cleaning in Normal IL. For that reason, we ensure safety by using the following precautions:

  • We turn on ventilation fans or open windows in rooms to air them thoroughly.
  • Personal protective equipment such as gloves or dust masks for protection from air pollutants.
  • We use the safest effective cleaning chemicals.
  • Our cleaners get the proper training on hazards and safety protocols at post construction sites.
Post Construction Cleaning Normal IL

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Pro Kleen Solutions can safeguard your site and finish your project with post construction cleaning in Normal IL. Email us at, call 309-328-8312, or use our online form to schedule service or request a quote. Get in touch. We want to help provide a safe and clean atmosphere at your post construction site.