Professional Vacant Residential Cleaning In East Peoria IL

If you have a tenant moving out but need more time to give the space a deep clean before welcoming a new resident, Pro Kleen Solutions can help. Our vacant residential cleaning in East Peoria IL offers cleaning services that cover every inch of the space. Our goal is to simplify your day by taking care of the challenging cleaning tasks. We can promise that when we are done, we will leave you with a clean and safe environment. Every corner will be inspected before we consider our job to be complete.

With over ten years of experience in the cleaning industry, co-owners Brandon and Ruth Woods take professionalism to the next level. Pro Kleen Solutions’ mission has always been to leave your commercial and vacant residential spaces feeling clean, pristine, and like new after each visit.

Man and woman sanitizing and wiping down glass shower doors during vacant residential cleaning in East Peoria IL.

What Does Vacant Residential Cleaning Include?

Our vacant residential cleaning services cover a wide range of cleaning duties. We leave every area cleaner than we found it. In our vacant residential cleaning service, we include:

  • Vacuuming and deep cleaning of any rugs or carpets
  • Washing of wood panels, baseboards, and kitchen cabinets
  • Cleaning counters and any tabletop surfaces
  • Sweeping and mopping floors
  • Wiping down doors, handles, and mirrors
  • Disinfecting bathroom amenities

When Should You Arrange For Vacant Residential Cleaning Services?

  • Previous Vacating Residents – While the space is empty, it is the optimal time for a deep cleaning service. Vacant residential cleaning services are designed to professionally clean the given space, leaving it spotless before a new resident moves in.
  • Residential Cleaning Services for After-Construction – After construction, debris and dust are left lying around. Our job is to properly clean the space before it is in use. While we are cleaning the space, we are also making sure that it is safe from anything left behind.
  • Advantages of Vacant Residential Cleaning – Hiring a professional cleaning service allows you time for other activities during the day. Without having to worry about spending time on cleaning, you can do something you enjoy. We will provide you with an environment that we would want to live in.
Individual spraying and wiping off table during vacant residential cleaning in East Peoria IL.

We Care About You

We want you to feel comfortable in your space. A thorough cleaning before moving into a new space allows that to happen. Vacant residential cleaning in East Peoria IL is designed to eliminate filth by providing a thorough clean. Regarding other services that we provide, they include:

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