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Looking for the Best Results from Commercial Cleaners in East Peoria IL?

Pro Kleen Solutions takes the guesswork out of receiving the best return on investment from commercial cleaners in East Peoria IL. Our 6 Steps to Success cleaning process includes proprietary technology and systems to ensure you receive the best results. In fact, we send each client photos of their property before, during, and after our cleaning process. That way, you can see for yourself the value that we provide from our professional cleaning services. It is why we say we provide you with cleaning focused on your business.  Our approach has helped us earn more recommendations on customer reviews than other services out there. Email Pro Kleen now at to receive a free estimate or request a custom commercial cleaning plan.

Get Cleaning Services Focused on Your Business

Pro Kleen provides commercial cleaning services developed specifically for businesses from different industries. Therefore, we can customize services for you, whether you operate out of an office, healthcare facility, rental property management firm, construction site, or other type of business. Here is a brief overview of services available from our commercial cleaners in East Peoria IL.

Disinfection Services

After the recent pandemic, everyone now understands the importance of fighting the spread of diseases, viruses, and bacteria. Pro Kleen commercial cleaners offer a thorough, deep cleaning that includes sanitizing high-traffic surfaces. This keeps your business more productive and your employees healthy enough to avoid prolonged absences from work activities.

Carpet Cleaning

First impressions count in business. Our commercial cleaners can make sure stains, spots, or other unsightly blemishes on your carpet do not turn off your clients. We can restore the beauty of your carpets to make sure your business always looks its best.

Office Cleaning

Make sure your team stays productive and motivated by providing a clean and fresh smelling work atmosphere. Pro Kleen commercial cleaners can help you make that goal a reality. We make sure restrooms, reception areas, trash bins, furniture, desks, equipment, flooring, and other areas of your office get a quality clean. That way, your staff can focus on performing the best work possible.

Janitorial Services

Whether your business operates out of an office, industrial building, warehouse, rental property management firm, health facility, retail outlet, or construction site, you need cost-efficient cleaning solutions on a regular schedule. Our commercial cleaners save you the time and expense of recruiting, hiring, and equipping a cleaning crew in-house. Plus, we cater services to match the frequency and schedule of your business. That way, your operations get minimal intrusions and the finest quality commercial cleaning.

Healthcare Cleaning

Patients and care providers want to feel safe and protected from disease during their stay at your health facility. Whether you run a senior home, prompt care, dentist office, hospital, or other kind of medical center, it is important to maintain an excellent reputation to attract and keep patients coming through your doors. Our commercial cleaners can make sure patients and visitors can focus on recovery without the fear of getting sicker. Plus, we can ensure nurses, doctors, and care givers can focus on providing the best care without the worry of cross contamination.

Post Construction Cleaning

It is an exciting time for your company. Your renovation or new construction project just wrapped up. However, you can’t quite get the next phase of your business started just yet. Pro Kleen commercial cleaners make sure your property is ready to do business with our post construction cleaning services. We get rid of the dust, glass, nails, screws, and any other hazards left behind by the contractors.

Property Management Cleaning

The success of your property management firm depends on keeping up appearances at your rental properties. Otherwise, you will struggle to attract and retain tenants. Pro Kleen commercial cleaners make sure your properties always look their best. We keep flooring, common areas, rental offices, public restrooms, and other areas spotless.

Commercial Cleaners East Peoria IL

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