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Why You Need Post Construction Cleaning in Pekin IL

Pro Kleen Solutions technicians can complete your building project with post construction cleaning in Pekin IL. The top local cleaning professionals are just a call away at 309-220-6957.

Any construction project inevitably results in the buildup of dust and debris. The buildup of these contaminants affects both the air quality and site experience of the property under construction. Thus, post construction cleaning services are essential for the following reasons:

  • Improve air quality for occupants
  • Removal of construction materials and debris that can injure or affect the health of occupants
  • Make the property ready for daily use again

Let our team of cleaning specialists make your property safe and ready to use again after a construction project. We will diligently work to clean and disinfect all surfaces in interior rooms, high traffic areas, kitchen or break areas, and bathrooms. Tazewell County residents and businesses trust our services because of our integrity, professionalism, and performance. Contact us now to get a free quote on post construction cleaning in Pekin IL.

Rough Cleaning Phase of Post Construction Cleaning in Pekin IL

Our service for post construction cleaning in Pekin IL will begin by removing large debris and major sources of dirt. This rough cleaning phase will take care of most of the mess left behind from construction. However, the property will still look dirty by conventional standards. During this part of the cleanup, we will do the following:

  • Vacuum and sweep floors
  • Wash walls, baseboards, and door frames
  • Remove any remaining construction debris
  • Clean stains and spots from paint, adhesive residue, and caulk
  • Wipe away grime on windows, partitions, and glass doors

Deep Cleaning for Post Construction

The next phase of our work involves deep cleaning post construction sites. This second pass through the property provides a more thorough removal of dirt, drywall or plaster dust, spackling past, and brick and mortar dust. Besides, dust moves around and settles easily even with the most careful cleaning processes. Therefore, we tackle removing it by getting rid of the major problem areas first and then start over to ensure a thorough cleaning. In this part of our post construction cleaning in Pekin IL, we perform the following:

  • Floor cleaning
  • Vacuuming to remove lingering dust
  • Dusting of light fixtures
  • Washing of walls, baseboards, and doorways
  • Glass cleaning for windows, bathroom areas, partitions, and appliances

Routine and Specialty Cleaning Services Available

Pro Kleen Solutions offers a variety of regularly scheduled and specialty cleaning services, including post construction cleaning. Whether you need daily or weekly office cleaning or services for a healthcare facility, we can help. To get more information on our cleaning services, please follow these links below:

Post Construction Cleaning Pekin IL

Get Quotes on Post Construction Cleaning

Pro Kleen Solutions cleaning crews are your trusted local source for post construction cleaning. Let our team make your property ready for daily use again after your construction project. We will remove all the harmful contaminants that can cause breathing issues or affect the health of occupants. Request a free quote now by calling 309-220-6957 or by using our online contact form.