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The medical profession is one of the cleanest industries there is. However, that’s not due to a lack of messiness in hospitals or doctors’ offices. In fact, as clean as a healthcare facility might be, it takes the work of professional cleaners to make it that way. And in the Greater Peoria area, where there are hundreds of local medical offices, health facility cleaning for East Peoria IL is of the utmost importance. Thankfully, Pro Kleen Solutions has the experience you need for healthcare cleaning.

The Primary Concerns of Healthcare Cleaning

While health facility cleaning shares similarities with your standard office cleaning, the high cleanliness standards of the healthcare industry require professional cleaners to be more thorough and precise with our cleaning tactics. For example, we must consider:

  • Prevention of Cross-Contamination – There are dozens of opportunities for cross-contamination in a health facility. For example, you wouldn’t want germs from a patient’s room making it to a hospital kitchen or surgical room. As such, our team of expert janitors takes specific cleaning precautions to prevent potential cross-contamination throughout a healthcare center.
  • Complete Sanitization – Germs, sickness and infection make their way in and out of medical facilities every day. Thus, professional cleaners must stay on top of cleaning and sanitization. We use heavy-duty cleaning chemicals and sanitizers to eliminate germs and contaminants at the source. The result is a safe and healthy facility where you can be treated without fear of further illness.
  • Waste Disposal – Medical facilities don’t produce the typical waste you’d expect from other industries. As such, waste disposal for healthcare requires trained professionals who understand how to remove toxic contaminants from the premises. Pro Kleen uses safe disposal methods and protective equipment to ensure everyone stays safe and healthy during proper waste disposal.
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Our Other Cleaning Duties

Although Pro Kleen takes great pride in our health facility cleaning for East Peoria IL, we also offer various other cleaning services for local businesses. For example, our services include:

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