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A Thorough Clean from Janitors for Washington IL

With health and cleanliness at the top of everyone’s minds, keeping your business spotless is as crucial as ever. However, it’s arguably more challenging to clean your office or facility without the assistance of professional cleaners. Thankfully, it’s a quick and straightforward process for hiring the right janitors in Washington IL to handle your cleaning. Call Pro Kleen Solutions today and see how we can best assist your business.

Why Outsourcing Your Cleaning is the Best Decision

“Why hire an external cleaning company when cleaning is something I can do myself?” While this is the thought process behind many businesses handling their own cleaning, most quickly find the best cleaning solution is outsourcing janitorial duties to professionals. And here are a few reasons why:

  • Experience
    • While we’re all familiar with the cleaning basics, cleaning an office, facility, or retail space takes more prep time and work. Furthermore, having advanced knowledge of the best cleaning methods for large-scale cleaning jobs helps ensure the most thorough clean. And unfortunately, without being a professional cleaner, this knowledge and experience isn’t something everyone has.
  • Affordability
    • Another popular idea for business owners is to bring on in-house cleaners to save money on a professional cleaning company. And while the thought makes sense, it’s not the cost-saving solution you expect it to be. Between paying for cleaning supplies, equipment, salary, benefits and more, you’re spending much more money on in-house cleaners than you would with outsourced janitors in Washington IL.
  • Convenience
    • Best of all, hiring professional cleaners gives you time to focus on your own work while enjoying a healthy and clean facility. Rather than wasting you or other employees’ time to perform a subpar clean, janitorial staff can manage your facility’s cleanliness during or after work hours. And having a third-party handle cleaning means you don’t have to contend with ordering new supplies, filling vacancies, hiring new staff, etc.

Our Best Cleaning Services

Brandon and Ruth Woods, owners of Pro Kleen, have over ten years of experience in the cleaning industry. Between these industry experts and their staff, Pro Kleen only employs highly trained professionals to handle your business’s cleanliness. As such, we include cleaning services meant to maximize the potential of our team. For example, our services include:

Janitors in Washington IL using a floor cleaner in an office facility

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With the best janitors in Washington IL, you can expect a spotless office or facility after your next professional clean from Pro Kleen Solutions. To learn more about our services or to request a quote, call us today at 309-641-1100. Also, we are located at 7501 N University St, #135, Peoria, IL 61614.