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An Expert Team of Janitors for Pekin IL Businesses

Rather than manage the cleaning of your business or facility all by yourself, why not seek the help of expert janitors for Pekin IL? Pro Kleen Solutions offers the precise and specialized cleaning services needed to keep your business spotless. And with our team’s training and experience, you can be confident you’re getting the best clean every time.

Professionals at Their Best

Led by co-owners Brandon and Ruth Woods, Pro Kleen is a family-run business that serves other businesses throughout the Greater Peoria area. We possess over a decade of experience in the commercial cleaning industry and are equipped with the team, tools and training needed for any professional cleaning job. As such, Pro Kleen offers:

  • Industry-Specific Cleaning – No one business or industry is the same. For example, office cleaning differs significantly from healthcare cleaning. As such, Pro Kleen trains our employees to tackle numerous industry-specific cleaning jobs.
  • The Best Tools & Cleaning Chemicals – Being a part of the professional cleaning industry means we have access to tools, equipment and cleaning chemicals not available to the broader public. Thus, we can provide a more thorough, professional clean.
  • Professional Backing – So you can count on our janitorial services, our company is licensed, bonded and insured. If mistakes or mishaps occur, you’re never liable.
  • Local Cleaning Experts – As our main office is out of Peoria, our janitors for Pekin IL are also available to many communities throughout the Greater Peoria area.
  • Family-Owned – As mentioned previously, we are a family-owned and operated business. Moreover, our service is catered towards other small or family-owned businesses. However, we’re just as capable when handling large jobs. Your 100% satisfaction is always what we aim for and that is why our customer service is unmatched.
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More from Pro Kleen

Pro Kleen Solutions offers a wide range of services catered towards our clients’ needs. And our team is continually developing services as the industries we serve expand. For example, we currently offer services such as:

Contact Our Office

Ensure you are getting the best possible clean for your business when hiring expert janitors for Pekin IL. Call the professionals at Pro Kleen Solutions today. You can contact us at 309-641-1100 to request a quote. Also, we are located at 7501 N University St, #135, Peoria, IL 61614.