Commercial Cleaning Bloomington IL

Top Local Pros for Commercial Cleaning in Bloomington IL

Pro Kleen Solutions provides affordable services at reasonable rates when you need commercial cleaning in Bloomington IL. Our well-trained cleaning crew can make offices, apartment complexes, healthcare facilities, or post-construction sites spotless in no time. Our local, family-owned company has grown into one of the most trusted cleaning companies throughout Central Illinois. In fact, businesses like yours have helped to grow our reputation for integrity, professionalism, and high levels of customer satisfaction with reviews of our services. Consequently, we are the cleaning experts to call to keep your staff, clients, residents, or visitors healthy with a cleaner environment.

Rely on our experienced cleaning staff when you need janitorial services, deep cleaning, or disinfection services. Plus, we allow you to customize cleaning solutions. Whether you need daily, weekly, or any other schedule for cleaning, we can work around whatever schedule you need. In addition, we can cater the times we clean your facility for minimal disruption of your business activities. Call now at 309-328-8312 or use our online contact form to request a free estimate.

Save Big on Costs for Office Cleaning

Pro Kleen Solutions janitors offer more affordable solutions than an in-house cleaning crew with our commercial cleaning services in Bloomington IL. Rather than spending a lot of time recruiting, training, and supervising your own cleaning staff, you can sit back and let our experienced pros do the work. You will get trained sanitation professionals who bring all the necessary cleaning supplies with them. From dusting to disinfecting, restroom sanitization to carpet cleaning, we can do it all. Most importantly, you save big on payroll, insurance, and expenses for purchasing your own cleaning supplies when you use our crew instead.

Why You Need Professional Commercial Cleaning in Bloomington IL

Statistics show that customers spend more time and often a great deal more money in businesses with a clean and appealing atmosphere. Whether you do business in an office, hospital, or property management firm, keeping your spaces well maintained and disinfected is good for your bottom line. For that reason, you need professional commercial cleaning in Bloomington IL. With services from Pro Kleen Services, you will receive these perks:

  • Better Customer Engagement – Dirty touchpoints, floors, reception areas, and glass surfaces at your business will not go unnoticed. In fact, they will project the message that you do not care enough about your customers to give them a clean space to interact with your business. However, you can improve your image, interactions, and brand. Count on us for a clean and fresh-smelling space.
  • Less Liability Risks – Workplace injuries cost American businesses an average of over $1,100 per worker, according to recent data. However, that figure can grow with a prolonged absence by the injured employee. After all, you will need to account for the loss in productivity their absence creates. The fact is inexperienced workers get hurt on the job more frequently. So, you take the risk of one of your employees getting hurt if you are trying to staff your own cleaning crew. However, you can avoid that unnecessary risk with Pro Kleen Solutions cleaning services.
Commercial Cleaning Bloomington IL

Schedule Commercial Cleaning in Bloomington IL

If you are ready to get started, Pro Kleen Solutions team members will get to work upon your request. Simply give us a call at 309-328-8312 to schedule the services you need. To request a free quote for our work, just fill out our online contact form. Our dependable and friendly staff will work to make sure you are completely satisfied with our services.