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Pro Kleen Solutions is a locally owned and operated company offering top-rated results when you need commercial cleaners in Peoria IL. In fact, we provide you with a difference you can easily see for yourself. Our 6 Steps to Success cleaning method sends you photos that show your property before, during, and after our cleaning process. That is why we say we provide commercial cleaning focused on your business. We understand you want the best return on investment. So, we make it easy to see the value of our services. That is why we consistently earn some of the best customer reviews in the commercial cleaning industry! Contact us today to request a free estimate or consult with us about a custom commercial cleaning plan for your business.

What Services Are Available?

Pro Kleen Solutions provides a full range of services for businesses of any industry with our talented staff of commercial cleaners in Peoria IL. Here is a quick reference of the kinds of services we offer:

Office Cleaning

We use our professional expertise to provide you with the best clean for office carpets, furniture, desks, restrooms, kitchens, break areas, and more. Our services save you the expense of investing in your own cleaning staff and supplies. Plus, we help to improve the air quality and make a great first impression with visitors so your staff can stay healthy, productive, and motivated for high performance.

Janitorial Services

Whether you need cleaning for an office, health clinic, industrial space, retail business, or rental property management firm, Pro Kleen can help. We offer some of the best janitorial services for regularly scheduled cleaning. Our team works around a schedule that best suits your business.

Property Management Cleaning

Pro Kleen commercial cleaners understand the success of your property management firm depends on your ability to attract and retain tenants. So, we work hard to keep common areas, property management office spaces, lobbies, public restrooms, flooring, elevator cabs, and other areas spotless. Our cleaning services allow your properties to look their best for potential renters.

Post Construction Cleaning

Whether your business underwent a renovation or built a facility from the ground up, the property is not ready until it is clean. Pro Kleen commercial cleaners get rid of the mess left behind by the contractors. We take care of construction dust, nails, screws, glass shards, and any other health hazards left behind after the project is completed.

Health Facility Cleaning

Patients and healthcare providers both want to feel safe and healthy in your medical facility. Pro Kleen commercial cleaners can eliminate the risk of cross contamination at your nursing home, urgent care clinic, hospital, dentist office, or other kind of healthcare facility. That way, patients can recover faster, and doctors and nursing staff can focus on providing the best care.

Disinfection Services

Now more than ever, everyone understands the risks caused by the spread of bacteria, viruses, and diseases. Our commercial cleaners can provide a thorough, deep cleaning while sanitizing surfaces to keep your staff safe and healthy. That way, your business can stay more productive with less time spent covering employee absenteeism due to sickness and disease.

Carpet Cleaning

Stained carpets can affect the perception of your business. Pro Kleen commercial cleaners can remove unsightly spots, stains, and other blemishes on your carpet. That way, your company will not scare away business due to poor impressions about professionalism and attention to detail.

Commercial Cleaners Peoria IL

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Are you looking for a free estimate from the best commercial cleaners in Peoria IL? Then, call Pro Kleen Solutions now at 309-641-1100. Our office hours are 8 am to 5 pm on Mondays through Fridays. You can also reach us by email at either or through our online contact form.