Karen Carruthers

In my profession, most units are left in less desirable state and for years we have faced the challenge of finding a cleaning company that remains diligent in their cleaning services. I have been using Pro Kleen since December 2018 and they consistently do a great job cleaning out apartment homes which range from 815 sq. ft. to 1,730 sq. ft. Pro Kleen employees are professional, punctual and thorough with no call backs. They will tackle more specialized tasks as well, for example, appliances that we thought would have to be replaced come out looking brand new. Pro Kleen has great rates and scheduled cleaning is done using our time frame. Another advantage is that they also provide cleaning for our VCT floors and carpeting thus eliminating having to rely on numerous contractors, which saves us turn time. Most importantly, I have never been anything less than completely satisfied by the work that Pro Kleen has done, so I confidently recommend them for all your cleaning needs.