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The Benefits of Professional Business Cleaning Company in Peoria IL

Save the time and hassle of hiring and training your own cleaning crew by outsourcing with a top local business cleaning company in Peoria IL. Pro Kleen Solutions cleaners offer you a more cost-effective solution than retaining your own in-house staff. With our cleaners, you will not need to take on added overhead, administration, insurance, and payroll costs. Plus, our team will bring its own cleaning supplies and equipment. That way, your company will not need to invest in its own supplies and find the space to store equipment and cleaning chemicals.

Pro Kleen Solutions cleaning specialists bring more than 10 years of industry training and experience to your business. Our locally owned and operated company can provide flexible and customized cleaning solutions to fit any budget. From one time cleaning services to regularly scheduled cleaning and maintenance, we can work around your schedule and investment limits. In addition, our cleaners contain experience with cleaning for different industries such as property management, post construction sites, health facilities, and any commercial locations. Get a free quote by calling 309-220-6942 or by using our online form.

Reduce Liability Risks

Your small business takes on significant risk by using employees to handle cleaning jobs that could lead to accidents and serious injuries. Plus, scheduling, supervising, and providing feedback to in-house cleaners adds a lot of work to your plate. The more time you spend on functions associated with the handling of in-house cleaning staff means you have less time for business-related work. If that happens, you could make a costly mistake in the day-to-day operations of running your business. However, you can avoid those liability risks by hiring a professional business cleaning company in Peoria IL. Pro Kleen Solutions can provide everything from daily or weekly janitorial services to specialty disinfection service.

Improve Office Productivity

Employee absenteeism takes an increasing toll on small businesses each year. According to the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), employers lose an average of $1,685 per employee each year to absenteeism. Those are costs you could minimize by hiring the right business cleaning company in Peoria IL. With Pro Kleen Solutions, you get experienced professionals who know how to provide cleaning solutions that reduce the spread of germs. Consequently, you could keep employees healthier and more productive with regularly scheduled or customized cleaning services from our company.

Business Cleaning Company Peoria IL

Motivate Your Team and Customers

Clean and professional businesses send a message to both customers visiting your company and your employees. Maintaining a clean and clutter-free space lets both customers and employees know that you care about them. Plus, customers are more likely to spend more of their time and money in businesses that look and smell fresh and clean. In addition, employees get incentivized to take more pride in their work and increase their productivity in a cleaner and more organized environment. If you would like to better motivate your customers and employees, hire our professional business cleaning company in Peoria IL.

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Pro Kleen Solutions can cater our cleaning services around your needs and budget. Get a quote today for services from our business cleaning company in Peoria IL. Send us an email at or use our online form to request an estimate. If you prefer, you can also give us call at 309-220-6942 for more information. Let us treat you with the integrity, professionalism, and commitment to quality that you deserve!